The basics of watercolor painting with Julia Barminova


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The basics of watercolor painting with Julia Barminova


What’s in there? Course includes the basics of watercolor painting and various techniques that you can apply drawing evocative pictures, creating dimensional space within the worksheet by using the perfect color combinations. I’ve never tried watercolors before, do you think I can cope with it? The course suits every watercolor enthusiast, but will be especially helpful for those who takes their first steps with watercolors, and fans of Julia Barminova’s artistic manner.


  • Learn which brushes artists use to paint waves, and which for the street lamps;
  • Create your own watercolor palette;
  • Reveal the secrets of the perfect combination of colors;
  • Learn how to arrange a harmonious color palette for your work;
  • Discover how to portray a large range of colors with a single layer;
  • Try to make gradient fillings;
  • Learn the peculiarities of architectural watercolors;
  • Make the right sketch for the watercolor;
  • Apply color theory in practice.






LECTURE 1. Materials and the workplace. The basics of chromatology

  • Brushes: types, characteristics, purposes.
  • Paints: Julia Barminova’s shows her own palette
  • System of perfect contrasts. Rules of tone, color, hue.


LECTURE 2. Color cards. How to find harmonious combinations and use them in your works.

  • How to extend a contrasting pair to a contrasting dozen;
  • How to maintain color balance in your work.



LECTURE 3. The basics of  single layer watercolor technique

  • Fitting intricate color range in a single layer;
  • Fillings: How to



LECTURE 4. Sketching architectural element in pencil

  • Materials overview
  • Sketching from photos;
  • Learn from Julia: personal methods and techniques;


LECTURE 5. Guidelines: from general to particular, from light to dark. Filling the illuminated parts

  • Preparing a worksheet for watercolors;
  • Using color theory in practice;
  • Sequence of the fillings;
  • Utmost contrasts;


LECTURE 6. Final Steps. Shadows and details

  • Working on shadows;
  • Fine details
  • How to create texture
  • Effects.



Questions and answers:learning process 


6 lectures


Юлия Барминова

Юлия Барминова

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