Hydrangea with Julia Barminova


Flowers with Julia Barminova. This time it's live! That means you will be able to watch Julia’s magic unfold in real time, ask your questions and even send your work for a review during the lesson


Hydrangea with Julia Barminova


Using the example of hydrangea, one of the most interesting plants in terms of complex color transitions and compositional solutions, we will go through the features of watercolor technique in painting flowers, building a form, the basics of academic drawing, elements of botanical illustration, and also talk about proportions and aerial perspective.




This workshop is for you:

If you want to learn how to render flowers realistically and master different watercolor techniques, from botanical painting to sketching.

What will the workshop include?

  • Learning the basics of botanical painting.
  • Contrasting the techniques of classical botanical painting with one-layer painting.
  • Applying layering techniques to get a more realistic image in the center of the composition.
  • Alla prima watercolor technique. Transitions, nuances, shadows, veins, details: everything is applied at once in about two minutes, while the sheet gets dry. This technique teaches you a lot: to see, to calculate in advance and to avoid mistakes during the painting process.
  • Basics of painting wet-on-wet.
  • Coloring and color matching for painting light and shadow.
  • Composition and aerial perspective.
  • Arranging objects on a sheet, distancing objects and bringing them closer.

WE BEGIN 1st august AT 2 PM (GMT+3)

Time reference:
New York, USA   07:00 EDT     
London, United Kingdom 12:00 BST         
Beijing, China  19:00 CST     
Sydney, Australia  21:00 AEST 


14:00 Introduction of the materials
14:30 Introduction of watercolor technique and exercises 
15:00 Pencil drawing
15:30 Watercolor painting
17:00 Break
18:00 Watercolor painting
19:00 Review uploaded works




Questions and answers:learning process 


1 lecture

Necessary materials

100% cotton paper 300gr FIN (not rough or satin)

Recommended sheet size 28x38cm or 31x41cm

This is my regular palette: 

  • Phthalo Blue PB15
  • Phthalo Green PG7
  • Cadmium Orange PO20
  • Gamboge PY150/PO48
  • Cobalt Blue PB28 or Ultramarine Blue PB29
  • Quinacridone Rose PV19
  • Neutral Tint RBk6/PV16


As we will paint pink hydrangea you can prepare some pink, red and violet colors that you already have.


  • pencil (HB, 2B)
  • eraser
  • painting board
  • masking tape
  • tissue
  • water container


Юлия Барминова

Юлия Барминова

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